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Masters in manifestations use a well-known and often overlooked secret continuously. Everything in the human world is driven by this fundamental, simple component. It is a natural and necessary process. In spite of this, the vast majority of people attempt to avoid it at all costs.

Without this secret, all dreams, hopes, wishes, and well-intentioned goals will remain in a keepsake box stuffed under the bed. On rainy afternoons, the box will be dusted off and the items it contains will be cherished. A period of reflection will follow, and hopefulness will fade away. After experiencing the wistfulness of its guardian, it will be with a tired resolve that she will finally put her goals, ambitions, and severe potential to rest.

As it stands, the actual definition of potential is worthless. Goals, dreams, wishes, hopes, and desires are only potential because they lack a secret that will lead to their manifestation. There is no point in bothering you right now. There is often a reference to it as latent potential. You only need to add one magic ingredient, and your desires will manifest before your very eyes. Fill your keepsake box with a viscous, electric blue liquid, which will leak into your everyday life.

This secret, the magic ingredient, is commonly known as action. You must take action, take action, begin the process, and complete the process. It is a billion-dollar concept to which gifted speakers devote entire seminars. It is necessary for all desires to begin their journey toward manifestation somewhere. All things already exist, but they must be accepted or obtained. Taking action, allowing results to happen, and achieving your goals will make a difference.

After dinner, consider the situation of a satisfied, comfortable diner sitting at a lavish buffet in a restaurant. The only thing he desired was to eat from shiny serving dishes. He longed for a piece of delicious pie but had none. Magnificent fresh pie is only across the room. Does he want the pie itself, or is the activity of enjoying pie more fun? Which will be more satisfying, wanting the desire or fulfilling the desire? What will it take to fulfill this dream? In the case of the diner, the monumental undertaking of getting up and taking the pie will satisfy a craving.

Take action instead of wasting potential. Start, and the path to success will unfold in front of you as you walk along it. The journey will continue as long as you wish to travel, but you must take that first step. Desire all you want, but without actually doing something about it, reality never manifests itself in front of you. It remains a thoughtful keepsake in a box under the bed.

Start by taking action, and your path will reveal itself to you. Action will lead to success.

Several times a day, repeat the following.

“My faith in the Divine Creator is my destiny. This means an abiding faith in all things virtuous. Only the best will come to me. I live with a joyful expectation of the best. I know the harvest I will reap in the future because all my thoughts are the Creator’s thoughts, and Creator is with my thoughts of good. My thoughts are the seeds of goodness, truth, and beauty. I now place my thoughts of love, peace, joy, success, and goodwill in the garden of my mind. This is the Divine’s garden, and it will yield an abundant harvest. The glory and beauty of the Almighty will be expressed in my life. From this moment forward, I express life, love, and truth. I am radiantly happy and prosperous and always”.

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