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During this time of year, we tend to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, Father Christmas’ goodness, or even the serenity of the long winter months. No matter how you celebrate, this is the season of goodwill and perpetual love. This is a time when we are inclined to stick close to those we hold dear and to provide assistance to anyone in need. I would like to explain to you why we experience such an emotion. The feeling of love, compassion, and deep sentiment is a product of Christ Consciousness. In its most basic form, Christ Consciousness consists of an awareness of the higher self as part of one universal system. Essentially, it is a vibration that is in tune with the Divine. Ultimately, it is a process of self-realization and becoming unified with the Divine, the Source, or God. The concept of Christ Consciousness is not solely a Christian term. Instead, it is becoming aware that you are a part of one universe, one consciousness, connected to the ALL. In essence, it is a path toward spiritual awakening through which we are all meant to travel in order to truly realize who and what we are and to understand the great beauty of this world and its inhabitants. To live without judgement, fear or ego, just as Christ has done. By viewing all with compassion and understanding, we can appreciate this world’s infinite number of perspectives. Our ability to vibrate at the frequency of Christ Consciousness does not require membership in a specific religion, we are all capable of this; we simply need to let go of the ego and allow the divinity within to emerge and flourish. At Christmas, we are all acting out of love, and it is through this act that we are able to connect with this consciousness especially during the holiday season. It was some time ago that I stumbled upon an article on the internet regarding humans giving birth to the Christ consciousness, which had a profound effect on me. As the article demonstrated, Christmas symbolizes the emergence of higher consciousness within us, and how this very holiday season can set the stage for a spiritual awakening in your life. The story of Christmas can be compared to our spiritual journeys in many ways.

We can start by identifying our masculine and feminine principles in Joseph and Mary. Our intellect (or left brain) is our masculine aspect. As humans, we tend to doubt our abilities to raise a new consciousness. Just as Joseph doubted if he could ever father such a divine soul, he did not have faith in his own abilities to do the best he could, even when the Universe provided him with all the signs that he might be able to succeed. Our intellect is instrumental in overseeing or managing our Christ consciousness. Intellect is necessary for protecting, guiding, and supporting the growth of this new conscious evolution that is being birthed through the sacred feminine principle (also known as the Blessed Mother). We are capable of experiencing the deepest levels of emotion as a species. Through our intuition, sacred femininity is that part of us that is fully dedicated to the higher power. The divinity within us is amplified by our hearts. The inn in the Christmas story represents our own minds, which are filled with worries and fears and are unable to accommodate Christ consciousness. If we occupy our minds with narrow narratives regarding who we are and who we are meant to be, it cannot be born. For this consciousness to emerge, we need to be more accepting and forgiving. Herod is often considered a representation of the ego, which tends to dominate every aspect of our lives. It is the part of us that fears what will happen if we fully commit to this spiritual transformation. Those who choose to rationalize signs and synchronicities, who refuse to embrace our higher calling, prevent themselves from growing spiritually. Symbolically, the three wise men represent our three major states of being, which are mental, emotional and physical, and their journey to follow the star symbolizes our alignment with Christ energy by following our inner guidance. We will be able to deeply connect and awaken our own divinity within us if we understand that the story of Christmas through the birth of Jesus is really a story about us all, and our journey to align with and enlighten ourselves with Christ energy. This emergence of unconditional love, compassion, and understanding must transform your entire spirit and being.

Happy Holidays and Blessed Be!

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