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Is dream interpretation a valid method for self-improvement? A friend of mine who is a Dream Therapist shares an exciting perspective below.

The interpretation of dreams is a valid method of self-improvement, but is it effective?

It’s a YES for me. To answer the question of ‘how can that be? Honestly, I have no straight answers. As far as I can tell, the guiding hand of the collective intelligence of the soul or the higher self works in mysterious ways. To connect with this cosmic intelligence, we must understand our dreams. In comparison with other methods, such as mediumship training and psychic development, this is the easiest. Dreaming is the easiest option because we dream almost every day!

Additionally, dream interpretation has a multitude of applications in other areas. One way is through the practice of meditation. Which can be used to interpret clairvoyant vision symbols. One can bridge the gap between abstract and higher levels of knowledge by understanding symbolism.

For successful dream interpretation, I believe there are certain skills needed. A developed intuition is one of them. Unfortunately, no dream interpretation software or application is capable of this. Nurturing it is something we can only do for ourselves.

It is intuition that binds and creates recognizable connections among seemingly unrelated dream images and symbols. In turn, this shapes the messages into a coherent and meaningful whole. Intuition does not involve mental reasoning. Feelings and perceptions are the inner knowledge that extends beyond logic and reasoning. In fact, intuition is a real cognitive process. Our modern civilization is heavily ‘mental-rationalistic’ or fact-based and therefore cannot validate intuition as a higher-order process. As a result, we have been putting too much emphasis on logic, proof, and reasoning. Intuition does not always provide you with the outcomes of events. It is simply an inner knowing that provides the explanation and answers to questions I may have.

When these thoughts are accompanied by feelings of elitism and pride, one should take it slow before becoming too enthralled. It is possible that these thoughts are not intuitions. They’re thoughts governed by the part of the ego/personality that is concerned with body-mind survival. We should all let go of thoughts of superiority arising from pride. We are extensions of one consciousness and not better or inferior to one another. If the dream serves you, use it and grow from it.

To conclude, take a deep breath, connect with what feels true and calm, and you will see results.

Thank you for reading.

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