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How would your life be different if you believed that everything you love and enjoy is perfect for you?

Suppose you understood yourself well enough to say, “No thanks, I prefer…” How would you view other people if you really understood that their choices are ideal for them, whatever those choices may be? We can recognize our own preferences through the Law of Attraction by observing how they manifest in our lives. It is helpful to take the time to consider how things feel and ask ourselves, “Which feels better? This or that?”

In observing our feelings, we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, resulting in freedom and happiness.

It was not until I learned about the Law of Attraction that I began to attract people, situations, and opportunities that were in complete accordance with my vibration. In the past, I used to scrounge the spiritual side of the internet, read books, and seek out advice in order to determine what my principles should be so that I would be able to live my life in accordance with them. Throughout my life, I have strived to be the perfect partner, doting mother, responsible daughter, and selfless friend. My expectation was that I would become happy by conforming to what others expected of me. Despite my best efforts, I was neither happy or joyful. During this time, I was suffering from great emotional, mental and eventually physical pain.

However, the Law of Attraction has taught me to recognize when something isn’t right, as I recognize that feeling of discomfort as an indicator that something is not ideal for me. Anything that is out of alignment with my identity and the purpose I have come here to fulfill will not feel good to me. WOW! In a sense, it is as if I had been placing my hand on a hot stove and trying to find comfort in the discomfort. Having lived with chronic emotional and physical pain for so long, I had become numb to it. (This is equivalent to saying that a third-degree burn is painless as all the nerve endings have been destroyed.) One day, I became aware of the truth: only I can determine what is most beneficial to me. There is no one who can tell me what is good for me, only I can make this determination. By observing how everything feels, I can determine which thought, answer, idea, or thing feels most comfortable to me.

“Good feels good. Bad feels bad.” ~ Abraham Hicks

As a result of honoring and understanding my own personal preferences, I am able to achieve ALL of my life goals, as I intuitively know what’s best for me and holistically suitable for my persona. It is preprogrammed within me to accomplish all that I have set out to do during this lifetime. I interpret the program by paying attention to what brings me great joy and following that path. There is no easier or faster way to achieve fulfillment than this. Before learning about the Law of Attraction, I felt as if I had wasted countless years enduring bad jobs and relationships (whether they be friendships, relationships with co-workers, bosses or even relationships with family members). Within five years of applying the Law of Attraction in the manner described in this blog post, I felt as if I was finally doing this life thing right. It was about two years ago that I came to the realization: “Today, I stand exactly where I would have stood if I had done the first 20 years of my life differently.” What an incredible feeling! Now I can tell my children: “Your preferences are as unique to you as your fingerprints. Only you are capable of doing certain things in this life and your preferences are there to assist you in actually living a satisfying, joyful life!”

How about you? Do you see yourself in this light? Have you ever wondered why you do not fit in with the crowd? Are you ready to accept yourself and your preferences as legitimate for YOU? If not I’m thinking it’s time you give it a try.

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