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Ever stepped back and been astonished by the lessons that life teaches you? Silence and meditation offer many opportunities for learning. There are currently some major changes taking place in my life, which are causing me to undergo a process of spiritual transformation and growth. The experience has been both humbling and rewarding at the same time. I am currently undergoing a transition (in more ways than one) from one place to another, and have been rushing my process, aware that the time has not come for me to commit to a particular space. Additionally, I have continued to move forward in the transition from one phase of my life to another. The fact that I am currently a wife, mother, and entrepreneur (which surprises me when I reflect, considering I studied something completely different in college) make me feel like I have been making myself do what others would deem appropriate for someone of my age (as if outward influence really matters in the end). As opposed to my previous behavior, which consisted of going with the flow and allowing things to fall into place or present themselves as they should. Lately, I have been rushing everything and my meditation sessions are the only time when I am able to find that moment of calm and awareness of time not being linear. Meditation, as I mentioned in a previous post, is capable of helping you put certain aspects of your life into perspective if not all.

During meditation, I have recently experienced the presence of my guides (some may refer to them as ancestors, guides, or even angels). Upon asking for guidance, to be shown the best path to take, my mind raced through a laundry list of things I could and should be doing in order to achieve my desired outcome. Direct instruction to “be patient” was given to me. Naturally, being the silly individual that I am, I ignored the message. As a result, I requested advice regarding whether my family and I should invest in a specific property that both my husband and I knew we had no business investing in for various reasons. In the process of trying to obtain the answer I desired, fishing for a specific response (which clearly does not work, and it is imperative to never allow the ego to interpret and obstruct messages that have been sent from the divine or higher self), I was again “told” to consider “the lesson of the Polar Bear”. After the mediation, I was confused, thinking, “Now what does a Polar Bear have to do with my life?”. What was the message they were attempting to convey to me? Clarity was needed! Consequently, I was required to carry this message in my mind and heart for about a month, allowing it to ruminate without altering my daily conduct. My attempts to create these supposed timelines were only resulting in frustration since they did not necessarily yield the results I was expecting. It is unclear to me whether it was my guides or my soul that came through during my next meditation session, but I had an inner thought: “Destiny is 40” and to “live in the heart.” Following meditation, I sat with the Polar Bear message, along with the two new messages, and immediately began to inquire into the connection between the three messages. Having researched for the majority of the day, I realized that my guides were once again giving me messages, all of which had a common underlying theme, which was “TO BE PATIENT.” I realized at this point that I was not living in my soul’s best interests, that I was letting my ego dominate my life, and that I was not living from the heart. I believe that I have been seeking outside approval and validation without realizing that I have been doing so, and have been making moves in accordance with what others might consider appropriate for a person of my age. The majority of my life was spent playing small, allowing others to make my decisions for me, and I was not living my life honestly in what brought me and my soul the greatest joy. As a result, from this moment forward (and even if I stumble, I vow to make the best choices with absolute love and from my heart), I choose to live my life as fully aligned with my purpose as possible in order to achieve joy, love, fulfillment, confidence, wisdom, and abundance. As long as I am patient, all will fall into place in divine order, and I must cease self-sabotaging everything for the sake of seeking validation from others. It is my sincere desire that you find those things that will bring divine alignment and love to your soul as well.

Love Always,

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