Our Story

Who are we? And why should you support our brand?

Let’s start by saying that we are not merely looking for patrons, we are looking to build a relationship and a community of people that have shared values with us, to help us in this journey.

While the year 2020 is now behind us, we are still plagued with the challenges and difficult conversations needed to create better, safer communities. We witnessed how 2020 brought to light the true and sad realities of our lives and society.

For some, their mental and physical health plummeted and health sectors were ill-prepared, many lost their jobs, others are still having a hard time adjusting to the new "normal". On the more extreme side, racism grew, rights were trampled on, and all manners of atrocities occurred . 2020 exposed it all and sparked important conversations within our family and circle of friends.

My family, friends and I refused to sit on the sidelines and watch the immorality of 2020 events persist. We decided to be the change we wanted to see in others by launching MCE7 MIEN. Here, we are more than just a clothing brand or a wellness hub, we are a lifestyle. Our goal is to give free motivational guides, and help people access free fitness and health programs and, help others in their journey to a healthier body, mind and, spirit.

We are strong believers in unity, diversity, and in a place where our unique differences are celebrated. We hope to contribute to building a world where people have sound physical and mental health, and a world free of hate, bigotry, racism and bullying.

At MCE7 MIEN, we understand the hustle and grind of everyday life, after all we are from a great city, NYC. We’ve been through the multiple life constraints that many people face on a daily basis and managed through them. We know there will be many more hurdles in the future as life goes on but, we will be ready, as ready as we can be and we want people to do the same. We want to help; we want others to more than just survive. We want to help others achieve greatness and become the better version of themselves; physically and mentally.

Although we would appreciate that you support our brand and our products, our true call for support is that you spread the message of love and equality. Trust us to do our part in motivating and guiding people to prioritize themselves and embrace a healthy lifestyle. But we can’t do it without you. We call on you to take these words and do your part as well.

Know that when you wear our brand, it’s more than making a fashion statement or staying healthy. You are stepping up as an advocate against hatred, racism, bigotry, bullying and every other systemic injustice. You’re standing strong with us for our values which is oneness… in unity and in diversity. You’re showing up for yourself and striving to become the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF.

We call on you to partner with us to build a powerful legacy that the next generation will be proud of. LET YOUR CLOTHES AND ACTIONS DO THE TALKING FOR YOU. LET’S CREATE GREATNESS TOGETHER!

To find a little more about us, visit www.mce7miensolutions.com