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It has been my practice to emphasize the importance of self-care using inexpensive methods at home, using items that I usually have on hand. During my self-care journey this week, I took a spiritual bath. The intention of this bath was to connect with the healing, nurturing energy of the Great Mother, the Divine Spirit. My intent was to have my spirit cleansed of energies that could have intentionally or unintentionally attached themselves to my auric field, to feel unconditional love for myself and others, and to feel gratitude for my existence and my chosen roles. The tub was filled with warm water, cleansing salt, fruit slices, herbs, and seeds. As part of the spiritual bath, I sat with pink salt, cinnamon sticks, flower petals, dried orange slices, and pinecones floating around me. By using candlelight and soft music, I created a relaxing atmosphere. As I listened to the soft sounds of running water and daytime forest sounds, a thought occurred to me. I laughed at the thought of feeling as though I were a tree. I began to repeat to myself a mantra without thinking about it. This mantra went like this: “I am a tree, and my children are fruits floating around me.”. By nurturing and loving them, they are also able to bear seeds, resulting in fruit.” Suddenly, the connection between motherhood (parenthood) and a tree became clear in my mind. We are indeed like trees, while our children are the fruit, which bears seeds for the next generation of trees to produce an abundance of fruit. Taking part in this cycle can result in beautiful results if it is done in a healthy manner. Throughout my experience as a mother, I have learned that, in the same manner as trees, we must nurture the roots of ourselves and our children in order to build a strong, sturdy and unshakeable foundation for their lives. It is important that we teach them to grow with integrity and honor. Educate them to trust their intuition and to lead their lives with confidence, knowing that they have a loving nurturing family and ancestors who are guiding them every step of the way, and who will allow them to live their best lives, make mistakes, and learn from them. Also, we should explain that mistakes are part of the learning process and teach them not to be afraid to take risks and try something new. Developing their own set of values and principles will also guide them through life. In addition, we should equip them with the knowledge and tools needed to make responsible decisions and to advocate for what they believe in. Providing them with sustenance and nurturing their minds will ensure that they grow strong like the sturdy trunk of a tree, which will sway, but never break. This trunk represents not only the nourishment that Earth has to offer, but also their values. No matter what life throws at them (we have many choices in life: good, bad, or otherwise) they will hold on to the questions we have instilled in them. Among these questions are: What are their beliefs? Do they live their lives with purpose? Is there a purpose to their life? Do they maintain strong boundaries to ensure their mental, emotional, and spiritual health remains intact and operates at its fullest potential? Are they balanced? How can they improve the areas of their lives that need the most work? Are they living a life centered on love, kindness, and compassion? By teaching our children to always check in with themselves with these questions in mind, parents, mothers, caregivers are able to know that they indeed have strong roots and sound judgement both in themselves and others, and that they are growing in every sense of the word, allowing for beneficial “branching out”. Eventually, our babies (no matter how old they get) will bear fruit, and that fruit contains seeds that will allow for further growth and expansion, and the cycle will begin again. As a family, we should allow ourselves and our children to make a positive impact on the world around them through the kindness they act upon. Kindness and compassion can have a profound effect on anyone they come into contact with, resulting in ripple effects that can change the world, nourish the soul and elevate the mind. This is done by establishing a solid foundation, supported by nourished roots. Roots are the key to producing better fruits.

As I surrendered to the water, fruits of nature and sounds of the Great Mother, I became one with these elements. It was a feeling that I cannot put into words. It was of being in a state of unconditional love and full gratitude for the roles I take on in this reality. Taking some time out of this hectic life is critical to reconnect with our divinity. Invest in ourselves physically, spiritually, and most importantly listen and hold space for our inner children to become the best versions of ourselves we can be for our young saplings. Practicing self-care and healing, living in gratitude and love can help us appreciate everything in life.

Here is a powerful quote by Peter Wohlleben to end with: “We have learned that mother trees recognize and talk to their kin, shaping future generations. In addition, injured trees pass their legacies on to their neighbors, affecting gene regulation, defense chemistry, and resilience in the forest community.” In this regard, we should be like trees and communicate words that nourish the hearts, souls and minds of our generation and future generations. The key to breaking generational cycles of trauma, pain, and lack is to operate always from a place of love and healing.

I wish you all the love, compassion, and kind words you need to nourish your roots!

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