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If you’ve been feeling “tired”, drained, or lacking the energy to assert yourself since the change of season, you’re not alone. Around this time each year, I hear people speak about how depressed they are due to the weather. There are fewer daylight hours and cold nights are longer.

In passing, I heard two people express their wish that Winter would disappear and Summer would never end. As a result of this comment, I began to think about what would make someone feel this way? As I thought about it, I realized that it has to do with feeling socially connected to our tribes of family and friends while frolicking in the sun. It’s the fear of “the dark” that forces people to dislike or dread winter rather than resting and being present in it. Why does it feel as if we must always be on the move to feel accomplished? It is common for us to rush frantically to the malls during the holiday season, stressing ourselves out with activity when we should be resting, and gathering strength for the spring season. Nevertheless, Winter should be respected and with as much passion as the warmer months. Winter is the perfect time for us to come closer to the people we love, but in a more meaningful way. It gives us a chance to slow down and get to know one another and ourselves better. To better understand how to assess ourselves, it is important to reflect on our journeys. Let’s take a look at what the Winter Solstice means. It’s origin? And in what ways does it relate to our lives and spiritual journeys.

The winter solstice or midwinter marks the start of the winter season. As the Earth experiences the “shortest day of the year” (December 21st of 2022), the nights grow longer and colder. Yet despite all this “darkness”, there is always light to be found, either figuratively or literally. It was the hope that the daylight would grow brighter and stay longer in the coming months that helped our ancestors to live through the long winter. The winter solstice is a time of celebration and paying homage to the Sun. Fire festivals, feasts, and gatherings with family and friends were all part of ancient celebrations (originating from all parts of the world) commemorating the rebirth of light. In many ways, this time can be compared to the birth of our inner guidance and Divine light. Winter Solstice is a meaningful time to evaluate your life. As we let go of past behaviors that no longer serve us, we open the door to higher vibrational experiences in the future. You can gain a clearer understanding of the year’s possibilities through mediation. Use stones to enhance the energy of the Winter Solstice and set an intention for the year ahead. Take this time to nurture yourself deeply, drink warm tea, and enjoy the rituals of comfort. Keep yourself encouraged and supported, and find the time to rest, just as the animals in the forests do during this time, and allow your energies to restore. Read a good book by the warmth of the fireside or lamplight. Take the time to drink a warm mug of cider or coffee while watching the sunrise. Allow Winter to teach us patience, both with ourselves and with others, to trust the process of being present, and to stop trying to control everything. Winter must be seen as a time of rest, in order to awaken in spring to another year full of renewal.

So here is to the Winter Solstice and it’s glorious renewal!

Blessed Be,

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