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The modern concept of God is that of a male energy or figure sitting upon a throne in some faraway world or space. Nevertheless, in ancient times, and in many indigenous cultures, it was the Great Mother, or divine feminine energy, that was revered and viewed as the caretaker, the great nurturer, and the source of all life. All of nature is embodied in her and she is the personification and consciousness of all that is. It is she who oversees the great gift of motherhood, fertility, birth, marriage, healing, abundance, agriculture, the changing seasons, the elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) and so much more. Since “the beginning of time” Mother Earth, Terra, Gaia (whichever name one chooses to refer to the Universal Mother) has always featured prominently in many Earth-based, spiritual, indigenous civilizations. To restore sacred balance and alignment, it is necessary to re-connect with the Great Mother. It is only a matter of realizing that each of us is capable of deep, unconditional love and healing. The Great Mother is more than just an object on which we all exist. Instead, she is a living, breathing, conscious being who is not separate from us in any way. It is evident that we are all a part of her and that she is a part of us all. Learning to honor and respect the elements that comprise all of creation as well as our own Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Ether contributes to our ability to rebalance our lives. As a woman who once thought that nature contained nothing but a variety of creepy crawlies and things that were too gross for me to think about, I was averse to its presence. During the course of the past year, I have felt a compelling pull, a calling to lay down that perspective. I have integrated the part of myself that is pure love, nurturing, vibrant, and wild. The work that we do to transform ourselves and become better versions of ourselves, versions that we can be proud of, allows us to assist Gaia in her own transformation as well. It is our responsibility to become her sacred caretakers, to love her as we love ourselves. It is a sacred relationship with all the elements and complexities of this beautiful, big earth.

In order to consciously strengthen our energetic bond with the Universal Mother, we should:

Use our hands to send healing energy. Sit down or lie down. Place your hands on the ground (whether outside or indoors), close your eyes, and feel that your loving hands are healing the many wounds that humans have inflicted on her. She will reciprocate this kindness.

Step into the vast outdoors and experience nature by feeling the wind on your skin or smelling the earth (especially after a rain). As you listen to her abundant sounds, such as the crunch of leaves under your feet, the chirping of birds, the croaking of frogs, or even the videos on YouTube that capture forests, babbling brooks, or even meadows on warm spring days, take the time to enjoy it. It is believed that nature is sentient, and the energy that flows through the wind is the same energy that gives us life. You can raise your vibration by connecting with nature. Thus, Mother Earth provides abundant blessings and gifts that are far more rewarding than we can ever imagine.

Practice grounding. When you feel stressed or frazzled, try to visualize roots (like those of a vibrant, healthy plant) expanding and growing downward from the soles of your feet. These roots will move deep into the Great Mother. The energy she emits will keep you focused and enveloped in unconditional love throughout the day.

In ancient times, practices such as those listed above were common. Unfortunately, many of our western cultures have lost their connection to the Great Mother. It is important to note, however, that the most effective way to heal this divide is by becoming more aware of how we protect her. Creating a compassionate world is essential. By learning to value, honor, respect, and love the Sacred Feminine (which resides within all of us), we can bring the world into balance (a world that has only learned to acknowledge the Sacred Masculine). For the sake of ourselves and the planet, we must achieve a greater level of alignment. To conclude, I’d like to close with a quote by Mahatma Ghandi: “To forget how to dig the Earth and tend the soil is to forget ourselves.” It is therefore imperative that we return to what we are meant to be, which is light beings capable of unconditional love, compassion, and honor towards The Great Mother, a living breathing being. So let’s place our feet in the healing soil and be present in all of the abundance given to us by the Great Mother

Blessed Be,

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